Cropduster: Stealth Farting Action

It’s been a hot minute since my last update. I’ve been in the early stages of working on a new game. I’ll be able to share more on it soon (screenshots and all that jazz), but I want to talk a little bit about it now.

The new game is called (at least for now) Cropduster, and it’s a game about stealth farting. You will start in an office after a large lunch, and oh no, you gotta poo! It’s a long way from your desk to the bathroom, and you just keep feeling gassier.

You will make your way to the bathroom, while cropdusting (farting slowly and silently, so people don’t smell it until you are long gone), doing your best not to get caught. If you let your gas meter fill all the way, you’ll poop yourself, and lose. If you get caught farting, you will also lose.

I’m in the early prototyping phase now, but am aiming to have something to show at A Video Game Con in New Jersey next month. Info on that convention here. I’ll post screenshots just as soon as I have some art ready.

This will be a longer development cycle than my last game, but I’ll keep y’all up to date on my progress. This is an idea I’ve had kicking around for a while, and I’m super hyped to be finally working on it. Look for more news on this here, or follow me on twitter @guyvanstratten.


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